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  • Pioneering Technology & State of the Art Equipment

    Find out why we are one of the largest global fabricators of non-metallic OEM parts.

  • PSC Industries is one of the most EXPERIENCED fabricators of

    insulation, gasketing, seals, adhesives and acoustical products globally.

  • Facilities spanning from North America to Asia

    We are where and when you need us with exactly what you require.

  • Over 60 years of fabricating experience and multiple facilities

    converting foam, rubber, fiberglass,adhesives and other non-metallic materials in North America and Asia.

  • Each PSC facility has the capability and resources to provide its customers with

    industry leading quality production products with JIT delivery, EDI interchange, KanBan, and ASN shipping.

  • The PSC Experience is a combination of our state of the art technology, equipment and versatile capabilities

    to service the Automotive, Appliance, Electronic, HVAC, and Medical industries.

  • PSC has the experience and latest technology to assist customers with

    fabricating any polyurethane and polyethylene foam, fiberglass, rubber, films, foils, or adhesives from large acoustical panels to small intricate gaskets with exacting tolerances.

  • Delivering the best parts and service

    every time, on time including product design, rapid prototyping, and material selection for any acoustical, thermal, sealing and gasketing application.

  • We at PSC are dedicated to savings for our customers through quality, service, and delivery excellence

    and to ensure products are fabricated to exact specifications that meet your delivery expectations.