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History - PSC Industries - Foam and Fiberglass

PSC Industries, Inc.

PSC (Packaging Service Corporation) started and was founded in 1954 in Louisville, KY by D. Covington Logan. Mr. Logan had an extensive background in industrial packaging, and he felt the company could offer a valuable service to small businesses that did not employ fulltime packaging engineers.

It became immediately apparent that much larger companies could also benefit from this type of service. In 1962, PSC’s operation enlarged to include a warehouse and manufacturing facility. This provided PSC with the capability to deliver fast, dependable service to its customers.

At the same time, the company was constantly researching new products, materials, machinery, and advanced technology that established PSC Industries as a leader in the fabricating industry.

In 1987, PMC Global, Inc. acquired and added PSC Industries to its global industry leading footprint. Today, PSC Industries has grown to 18 facilities in North America and Asia, with approximately $180 million in annual revenue.

PMC Global, Inc.

Headquartered in Sun Valley, California, PMC Global Inc. and subsidiaries operates approximately 50 subsidiaries worldwide.

With manufacturing locations and offices in 6 continents.
Established: Approximately 50 years ago
Privately held.
No. of employees worldwide: 3,000
20 separate lines of business of which PSC is one.

Other products include:
plastic containers and colorants, engineering plastics, industrial chemicals,
pharmaceuticals ingredients, equipment, pickles, structured packing and rings
for distillation, chocolates, road materials, children’s toiletries and cosmetics,
financial services, sales agency, towel and tissue products, Teflon coatings, etc.